React-Native Dating App Templates | 5 Best Premium Tinder Clones in 2020

React-Native Dating App Templates | 5 Best Premium Tinder Clones in 2020

Dating apps empowers us to do deeds that we have never even thought of before. These apps are now often developed to fit into a specific society or culture. According to recent reports, dating apps like Badoo and Tinder are the most popular dating apps worldwide with Badoo being number one in 21 countries and Tinder in 18. Tinder is the first dating app featuring the swipe mechanism. Tinder makes use of your geographical position to find other singles in your neighborhood. Thus, shows you their profiles which consist of a picture, a name, age, and distance. So, you are able to connect. These are apps are becoming normal way for people to connect and meet. That’s why this article makes it easier for developers to develop dating apps by providing powerful React-Native dating app templates.

Implement your own Tinder Clone by using the most powerful, dynamic, highly modular and customizable React Native Dating Templates. These templates provide you with powerful features which are must-have requirements for any dating apps and saves time to deliver product quickly.

Now, without further ado let us take a look at five best premium React Native Dating app starter templates that you can choose from to develop your own Tinder clone.

React Native Dating Mobile App – IOS & Android with Backend

This React Native Dating Mobile App template for both iOS and Android is one of the best React-Native dating app templates out there build using React Native packages. It features a React Native App for dating & personal chatting with full-fledged backend integration. It provides Tinder-like design with swipe feature.

The template features Facebook, Google login and firebase database integration. This template uses geo-location-based React Native package to find your nearest friend. There is also a feature of a one-to-one personal messenger. The template provides various dynamic, subtle, clean dating themed screens for user gallery, upload images, and profile settings. Moreover, there is also the feature of push notification exclusively for messages in the messenger. Dynamic search feature based on gender, age, location, etc. Hence, this optimized, customizable and powerful dating app template is available for you if you want to build your own Dating app using React Native. Therefore, its present cost in the market is 83.99 USD for a regular license and 90 USD for an extended license.

React-Native Dating App templates With Backend [Developer Edition] 2.0.0

This Dating app template build using React Native is an ideal starter kit or application script to build your iOS and Android dating app with all the required UI elements. This template comes with React Native, NativeBase, React Navigation, GraphCool along with admin dashboard. It is a pure React Native product.

This dating app template also features a Tinder-like swipe feature with fully customizable and ready-to-use screens. It facilitates easily configurable application design and the right User experience for a Dating App. The noteworthy features of this app include Facebook/Instagram login, Account setting, and Image Upload. In addition, there is also a real-time chat feature, discovering new people, profile screen, person to person matching screen, etc. Moreover, it features an admin dashboard for Analytics with detailed information Available with a list of all registered users. Hence, this template provides perfectly native look and feel with React Native and eye-soothing UI with awesomely smooth user experience. Therefore, there is an integration of backend database but only the User Interface part is available at the price of 100 USD.

React native Dating app template

Mobile React Native Dating App with Backend | Download | Instamobile

Make a Hot Mobile Dating App for iOS and Android today Download this cross-platform fully functional React Native Dating App to make an app like Tinder in just a few minutes. Our gorgeous React Native template is integrated with Firebase backend, so the app is working end-to-end, waiting for you to publish it.

You can download this cross-platform, fully functional dating app template to develop an app like Tinder from React Native Dating App. This gorgeous React Native template comes with Firebase backend. Hence, the application works end-to-end. The inspiration for design structure and user experience comes from the Tinder app which has a wide assortment of features, essential to develop a successful dating app.

This dating template delivers cutting-edge features for users to register and log in, swipe left and right to like, dislike or super like other people. Moreover, there is also the availability of real-time private chat feature between matching individuals. Thus, this powerful and fully equipped app template is highly customizable with ready-to-use screens, easily configurable application design and is optimized for user growth. Therefore, some of the highly essential features include dynamic matching algorithm, Tinder-like swipe for like, location filters, real-time chat with firebase, stunning dating profile, photo upload, push notification, Facebook login, user management, Full Backend Integration with Firebase Auth, Firestore and Storage, etc. Having said that, this dynamic and efficient dating app template is available currently in market with two packages:

  • 149 USD for personal use
  • 299 USD for development.

Binder – React-Native Dating App Template


Another Dating app template built using React Native and inspired by Tinder dating application. Binder app template is built in React Native and uses Laravel based web API to stores the user’s data and actions with MySQL database. In addition, the template makes use of Google’s Firebase live databases for the live messenger.

Moreover, the template features Facebook login and search filter based on gender, age and location range. The matching users can automatically connect through real-time massager in-built in the app template itself. In addition, there is also a feature of users to super like another user, which enables a user to automatically chat with that user. The app template also comes with simple, easy to use admin panel. Thus, it allows you to visualize different aspects of your app like users, actions, and reports. Another great feature is this template is ready to be monetized with Admob integration and one space banner included in the template. This simple and optimized dating app template built using React Native is available in the market for 120 USD.

React Native Tinder Netflix Instagram – Star app

react-native star app

Last but not least is a hybrid app template built using React Native. Hybrid is the sense that this app template features a combination of 3 popular apps including Tinder, Netflix, and Instagram. Hence, this app template is called Star app. Dating app designs and features inspired by Tinder, user profile screens inspired by Instagram and a feature to watch movies online inspired by Netflix. Hence, this app template is a full-fledged multi-functional powerful app which one could ask for. With this template, you will be able to build amazing React Native app with multiple features as you wish.

Moreover, in the Tinder dating app side, this template features Tinder cards, chat lists, and real-time chat. In the Netflix movie app side, it features series screen, video screen, and season list. It Instagram social app side, it features home screen, profile screen and follows feature. Each module and components provided in the template compliments each other. Hence, the combined features from the 3 applications can result in your own dating app, a video streaming app, a photo-sharing app. Therefore, this template is available in the market for just 69 USD.


We all know that people are living more of virtual life than interactive social life. In the world of the virtual environment, dating apps can create a space where people can connect virtually according to their match and meet actually. Hence, many popular dating apps like Tinder, Happn, etc. are the talk of the town. Thus, helping many users connect. Therefore, the list of react-native dating app templates provided above can enable you to create a similar dating app. They are fully equipped with requirements that can fulfill everything that you want in your dating application. Interesting thing is that the templates are developed using React Native. So, you can use the same code to build application for both android and iOS.

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