5 Best React Native Chat template in 2020

5 Best React Native Chat template in 2020

React Native chat app templates resolved over a couple of years. React Native is the state-of-the-art Javascript framework for mobile phone app development. Since the advent of a Javascript framework for mobile apps, React Native has managed to gain traction from tech giants across the globe such as Airbnb, Uber, Facebook, and Netflix.

There are numerous ready-to-use React native chat templates and you can start using them by paying a very small amount. You can use pre-made React Native chat templates for pretty much anything, including blogs, magazines, business, finance, e-commerce, education, entertainment and many more.

For the sake of convenience of my readers, I’ve prepared a list of 5 best React Native chat app templates.

1. React Native Chat App Template with Backend

Are you looking for a fun message app with cross-platform compatibility that runs pretty well on both android and IOS platforms? Start using this React native Chat app template with the Backend that comes with an astonishing fully-functional social app template.

This chat app template is programmed using the well-known Javascript mobile framework React Native that has the most potent ready-to-use features, such as group chats, 1 to 1 calling photos, photo messaging and friendship management,

This React Native chat is ready-to-use, fully functional and the highly customizable app so you can start using it from today. In order to ensure the highest level of reliability, security, and scalability, the developers of this chat app integrate it with Firebase.

Let your app users have fun by providing them an outstanding experience of communicating in real-time with their beloved ones, send texts and photos. This beautiful React Native chat app is a replica of the Facebook messenger app so you can expect the same functionality in this chat app.

The UI interface of this React Native chat template is pretty much easy to use and counterintuitive so anyone can navigate through this app easily.

2. React Native Firebase Chat Starter

React Native Firebase Chat Starter is the number 1 selling React Native Chat App that was trusted by more than 24 clients across the globe. In order to fully entertain its users, this chat app comes with more than 3 reusable modules and components and 8+ screens with full functionality.

What Makes React Native Firebase Chat Starter Too Much Special

These are the peculiar attributes of React Native Chat Starter:

  • It allows the user to register with their default email
  • This chap app is completely customizable so the data within this app can be created, deleted and updated instantly.
  • The chat layout of this chap app template is the complete replica of the Whatsapp chat layout.
  • Allows its users to send and receive images, files and videos easily

React Native Firebase Chat Starter would be the most appropriate option for those willing to start their chat app. This Firebase chat starter generally comes with the firebase authentication.

This React Native Firebase Chat Starter will save plenty of your useful time wasted in the development cycle. For the sake of convenience of users, this app was already tested for both the Android and ioS platforms.

3. Real-Time Chat App

The real-time React Native chat app is an outstanding chat application. It works pretty well on both the Android and ios platform. The UI interface of this app is pretty much easy to use and counterintuitive so anyone can easily navigate thoroughly through this app.

In order to address the issues of the users, this chat app provides astonishing customer support.

What Makes Real-time React native Chat App So Much Special

Here is the list of peculiar attributes of this chat app that makes it set apart from the rest of all the available chat app template in the market:

  • Open-source, Clean, concise, easy to read and modifiable code
  • Provides uninterrupted customer support 24/7.
  • For the sake of convenience of its newbie users, this chat app template guides its users on how to use and navigate through this app via well-written documentation and video tutorials.
  • Real-time chat functionality
  • Before deploying this app to the cloud, the developers of this chat app passes this app through the continuous rigorous testing, beta testing, security testing, and performance testing so you won’t experience any unexpected bug or malware within this app whether you use it on android or an ios operating system.

4. Premium React Native Templates, UI Themes & Backend Apps for iOS & Android.

Premium React Native VChat app is completely developed using state-of-the-art technologies for mobile phone app development React Native and Native Base.

Premium React Native VChat app is a well-structured and well-documented mobile phone chat app template that works pretty well on both the Android and ios devices.

In order to curtail time and cost incurred on the development, this VChat app comes with customizable pages along with the rich collection of UI elements.

React Native vChat app is a collection of bold and flexible React Native themes well-suited for developing high-quality vChat app by making the use of ready-made tools.

React Native vChat app makes the use of well-known state management system redux and its performance is highly optimized so in order to make a world-class application for the native platform you can simply make use of it.

5. Addicted — Chat & Text Stories React Native Application like Yarn, Hooked

Addictive React Native chat application is developed by using the most sophisticated development methodology and has the open-source code. It provides its users with extraordinary user experience. All the user issues and requirements were already taken into taken while the development phase of this addictive chat and text stories React Native application.

What Makes Addictive Chat and Text Stories React Native Application So Much Special

Here is the list of peculiar attributes of this chat app template:

  • It has an open-source, clean, concise and easy-to-read and implementable code.
  • This chat app template is passed through security testing so you no longer need to worry about any security loophole and data breach while using this app.
  • Users can sign in and sign up in this app using their pre-existing email addresses.
  • In order to provide its users’ outstanding experience and instant chat support, this app leverages Laravel back end API.
  • It makes use of Redux for the state management purpose.
  • It comes with Push notification integration
  • This chat app template provides custom animations to its users.


So far we’ve discussed the various React Native Chat App Templates. You might be wondering should I chose for my current application. To be honest, to say, it depends upon the requirement of your user.

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