5 best React Native eCommerce template 2020

5 best React Native eCommerce template 2020
Establishing online store, e-commerce websites and applications have been a growing trend in the modern world. Due to the utmost feasibility and efficiency of customer attraction from digital or online marketing, online stores and e-commerce sites are growing rapidly. In the near future, there is a high possibility that every real-world store will set up its own on online store application or website. There is speedy growth of published e-commerce application in app stores. Mobile e-commerce application has been a growing trend nowadays. As more customers switch from PC to mobile platforms, pretty much any online store needs to have its own mobile application. This is where the React Native eCommerce template come in extremely handy.

In addition, they help save time in development and enables us to create and publish our own e-commerce application fast and efficiently. On top of that React Native provides the feature of cross-platform application development. This means the same application with ready-made high-end React Native template will be available for both iOS and Android without the need for separate development.

Here, we provide you with a list of five best React Native e-commerce templates to choose from which will encourage you to choose the suitable one for your next e-commerce application.

React Native Shopify Template

Are you a Shopify store owner or working for a Shopify business? Then you MUST launch a native mobile app to the App Store and Google Play, in order to boost your sales & business authority. By buying our React Native Shopify template, you can launch a mobile app for your Shopify store today, with no headaches.

  • Save 3 months of design & development
  • Save thousands of dollars
  • Save energy & hard work
  • Don’t bother failing with hiring designers, developers, freelancers, etc.

Convert any Shopify store into a mobile native app to stay ahead of your competition, by moving fast. Our React Native Shopify template provides you with the perfect project boilerplate to ship your mobile apps to the app stores in no time and effortlessly.

React Native Ecommerce Template

React Native Ecommerce Template is popular eCommerce template which will help you launch your shopping mobile apps for iOS and Android in minutes. This well-build template features full backend integration (Firebase). Provided with the scalable, clean and comprehensive source code, this shopping app template is a great starter kit for everyone, regardless of whether they’re looking to learn React Native or to build a complete production shopping app. The most noteworthy features include a Home screen with carousels and grid view of products, Products screen with the product detail, photo gallery, size and color picker, social media share button, Search screen to search based on categories, Shopping cart with full-fledged history and re-order function, etc. For the payment gateway, there is stripe integration as well as Apple pay for iOS and Google pay for Android.

Moreover, the integration of dynamic database system with Firebase (Firestore), user management feature, photo storage will make things a hell of a lot easier for React Native developers. On top of that, the code base is highly modular and optimized for Android and iOS platforms. There is an integration of Facebook SDK as well. The clean interface and dynamic navigation through integration of popular React Native plugin packages is plus point. Hence, this template delivers all the requirements to develop an e-commerce app easily and efficiently.

React Native WooCommerce App

Buy our gorgeous shopping app template to make a native mobile app for both iOS and Android, backed by your existing WooCommerce storefront. By downloading the full source code of our React Native WooCommerce app, you’ll save several months of hard work and thousands of dollars. The app template is fully working end-to-end, including payments & orders and it automatically connects to your WooCommerce store.

At Instamobile, our mission is to help developers and entrepreneurs launch their mobile apps more quickly, by offering them fully functional React Native starter kits. This React Native WooCommerce is the most efficient way to create a native mobile app for an existing e-commerce store running on WooCommerce.

We’ve already written all the necessary code, including WooCommerce backend integration, and payments support so that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. We worked hard to create the best and most affordable WooCommerce Mobile App Builder for you, so you don’t need to reinvent the wheel or deal with recurring/monthly payments.

Shopping App with Firebase

This fully-coded eCommerce iPhone app template, automatically integrated with Firebase backend will allow you to release your native shopping app to App Store in a matter of minutes.


  • Product Categories screen
  • Single Product screen
  • Product List screen
  • Cart View screen
  • Check out functionality
  • Apple Pay support
  • Credit Card payment support via Stripe
  • Automatic end-to-end Firebase Database backend integration
  • Real-time product updates
  • Clean, flexible and extensible code, written by rockstar mobile developers

Shopping App Template

Features — React Native Shopping App Template

  • Fully-working Apple Pay and Android Pay functionalities
  • Shipping Address and Shipping Options support
  • Payment Integrations with Visa, Amex and MasterCard.
  • Home feed, with flexible layout
  • Single Product Screen, with multiple images slideshow
  • Fully-working Shopping Cart, with “Add to Cart” buttons
  • Categories Page, to highlight all product catalogs
  • Check out Screen, generated dynamically from the Shopping Cart
  • Flexible Carousel View, modularized so that it can be used anywhere you want
  • Stories View module, extensible and modularized
  • Grid View module, to showcase product collections anywhere in the app
  • Search functionality
  • Sidebar/Drawer Navigation
  • Onboarding Screens, for Customer Log In and Registration
  • Highly customizable — The app template’s theme is modularized, to easily change text, colors, fonts, spacing, etc.
  • Beautifully animated transitions between screens
  • Fast, reliable and super clean code


Above are the exciting and informative collection of the best React Native e-commerce templates that one can find today. You can play around with concepts and learn that could be turned into financially feasible ideas and published eCommerce application. With the number of UI theme elements, components, screens, and backend features that you are going to get from these e-commerce templates, you can get a ready-made app with option to customize it as you want. Hence, these templates not only helps you develop full-fledged, powerful and dynamic eCommerce application but also helps you learn the dynamism of React Native.


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