07 June

React Native Customize Selected Date

a component calendar date allows customizing event date. (support android & ios). Pull requests are welcome! Install Usage: Props PROPERTY TYPE DESCRIPTION date PropTypes.string Default date changeDate PropTypes.func function call …

07 June

Drag & Drop React native calendar component

DraggableCalendar A calendar component supporting dragging operation. 1. Examples Download the repository, cd the examples directory, and run it on simulator. git clone git@github.com:SmallStoneSK/react-native-draggable-calendar.git cd examples react-native run-ios # for …

07 June

Simple timetable app built with React Native

Clean Timetable A simple and clean timetable app for iOS.Written completely in JavaScript using React Native. What’s used React Native Navigation: React Native Navigation State management: Redux Forms: Redux Form Internationalization: Moment.js and react-native-i18n Code style: ESLint …