Best 5 Flutter Food Delivery App template 2020

Best 5 Flutter Food Delivery App template 2020

With growing food ordering and delivery businesses, the demand for the best food ordering and delivery apps has increased as well. The business that is strictly restaurant based and picks not replying on online orders and delivery are now opting for online platforms for their orders and delivery due to this recent Covid-19 pandemic. More and more businesses based on food are looking to develop their own food ordering and delivery apps. However, developing an app from scratch would cost more as well as take more time. The focus will shift towards app development rather than the actual business logic. Hence, to help you focus on your business logic instead of app development, there is a wide availability of food ordering and delivery app templates in the market. You can purchase them based on your requirement which would cost less as well as saves plenty of time otherwise spent on development. They are highly customizable as well.

Moreover, here we present to you some of the top food ordering and delivery templates built entirely using the flutter app development framework. The apps developed in flutter offer pixel to pixel beautiful UI designs as well as powerful features. It is vital to compare them and choose the best one that suits your need in a food delivery app.

1.Flutter Food Ordering App Theme

The food ordering and delivery app template offering everything there is to offer for a food delivery app. This food ordering app is entirely built using the flutter app development framework. Hence, the app can be deployed on both Android and iOS respectively. The template is fully customizable and ready to be deployed into your next food delivery app. The UI looks pixel perfect which is especially of flutter development apps with intuitive and modern UX. The functionalities such as reusable component widgets, Google maps integration, material designs with flutter widgets, restaurant grid as well as categorical view, GPS, authentication, etc. easily makes this the fully-equipped app theme for the implementation of food ordering or delivery apps. This template is available in the market for 75 USD.

2. Flutter food delivery with Laravel admin dashboard

If you are looking for a wholesome package of food delivery client app, driver’s or delivery boy app, and an admin panel to keep all of your orders and statistics sorted then this flutter app template for food delivery is just the one for you. The app template offers support for 9 languages with RTL, integration of Stripe payment gateway, push notifications, dark mode, order tracking, etc. The app is built on flutter for frontend and laravel for the backend and admin panel. The features available in the client app are powerful with beautiful UI layout and screens. The delivery boy app templates houses just the features required in a delivery app such as order notification, order tracking, managing orders, etc. The backend admin panel houses the transaction and order statistics. Overall, a great package at a cheap price of 49 USD.

Food Delivery Flutter App + PHP Laravel Admin Panel

This flutter app template for food delivery is most likely the cheapest app template that you will be able to find in the market for maximum features. This template offers a complete end-to-end solution for launching your own full delivery app. This template basically houses two major apps; one for client from which client can make orders and payments and another for admin which is admin panel to keep track of orders, manage them and keep statistical data in check. The client app is purely built using flutter and the backend admin panel is built using PHP laravel. The client app template delivers the functionalities of order tracking and Geolocation, supports multiple languages, push notification, dark mode, etc. Above all the app template comes with integration of 90% of payment gateways available such as Visa, MasterCard, Razorpay, and Stripe. This feature will make it convenient for customers to pay during the order. The admin panel houses features to manage the restaurant, keep track of statistics on orders and transactions. With so many features in offer, this template is available in the market for just 19 USD.

4.FoodDaddy-Online Food Ordering App By Flutter

Another great flutter template offering a highly customizable and robust food ordering template. The name of the template is FoodDaddy provided on Codecanyon platform. With this template, your food ordering app development becomes way quicker, easy, and affordable. The flutter code and custom widgets offered are easily configurable and customizable. The overall project is well-documented which means there will be a problem in getting the app up and running. The template offer well built clean and modern UI screens with categorical as well as search views. There are always screens for ordering, tracking, payments, cart, alerts, notifications, and all. So, this template is made for those looking for only the client-side app for food ordering. It is available in the market at a cost of 29 USD.

5. Food Delivery UI Kit in Flutter – 3 Apps – Customer App + Delivery App + Owner App

Another powerful and dynamic flutter food delivery app template housing three apps in one. Customer app for the customers which includes intuitive screens for ordering and payment. Delivery app concerning the delivery personnel which contains features to notify of orders, transactions, google maps, etc. The final app for the admin panel to keep track of all the orders, manage them as well as show the statistical data. The owner app can also manage the restaurants and food items to be displayed in the client app. All three apps are built using flutter and dart programming. Contains all the screens and functionalities that are required in a food delivery app with some more as well. The theme toggle between light and dark themes seems pretty awesome. The UI designs, food item preview, and detail screens look exceptional. The UI elements used are pretty amazing with state of the art flutter widgets. However, the downside is the lack of payment gateway being integrated. This full package flutter food delivery app template houses not one but three apps are available in the market for just 19 USD.


With the popularity of the flutter mobile app development framework, more and more business and renowned companies are opting for flutter as their go-to technology for mobile development. Now, if you want to reduce your development cost and time and focus more on business logic then app templates are the way to go for you. The number of restaurants and business related to food is growing every day. There is no doubt that these businesses will look for an app that can handle their online orders and delivery. And, we have already listed some of the best flutter app templates in the market that offer state of the art UI as well as features to help build your next food ordering and delivery app. Hence, it will be clever to make your app development lifecycle simpler and efficient by using these templates.

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