07 June

React Native iOS style calendar

A React Native iOS style calendar implemented using VirtualizedList. This package now incorporates the work of https://github.com/duyluonglc/ who kindly added some featues and improvements. Current API Property Type Description onRef PropTypes.function Function …

07 June

idiot-proof date picker for React Native

A simple date picker component with a focus on reducing implementation complexity. Are you using react-native-simple-date-picker? Don’t. It’s deprecated (and overcomplicated). 🚀 Getting Started Using npm: npm install –save @cawfree/react-native-simpler-date-picker Using yarn: yarn add @cawfree/react-native-simpler-date-picker …

07 June

Simple timetable app built with React Native

Clean Timetable A simple and clean timetable app for iOS.Written completely in JavaScript using React Native. What’s used React Native Navigation: React Native Navigation State management: Redux Forms: Redux Form Internationalization: Moment.js and react-native-i18n Code style: ESLint …