07 June

Week View Component for React native

Props events (Array) – Events to display onEventPress (Function) – Callback when event item is clicked numberOfDays (Number) – Set number of days to show in view, can be 1, 3, 7. formatDateHeader (String) – Format for dates of header, default …

07 June

Drag & Drop React native calendar component

DraggableCalendar A calendar component supporting dragging operation. 1. Examples Download the repository, cd the examples directory, and run it on simulator. git clone git@github.com:SmallStoneSK/react-native-draggable-calendar.git cd examples react-native run-ios # for …

07 June

idiot-proof date picker for React Native

A simple date picker component with a focus on reducing implementation complexity. Are you using react-native-simple-date-picker? Don’t. It’s deprecated (and overcomplicated). 🚀 Getting Started Using npm: npm install –save @cawfree/react-native-simpler-date-picker Using yarn: yarn add @cawfree/react-native-simpler-date-picker …